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Metro United Soccer Club

Team-Up Sponsorship Program


Our KC Fusion and Metro United teams have always used fundraisers and donations as a way to help fund their soccer endeavors each year.  The Team-Up program is designed to give opportunities for individual teams within the organization to create partnerships with local companies for financial and trade-out support. 

We have created a list of benefits that each team has the ability to market to potential sponsors that not only encompasses the team’s market reach but also uses the entire clubs.

Each partnership will need Club approval as the Team-Up program needs to stay consistent and not conflict with the Club’s exclusive corporate partners. 

Here are some examples of potential benefits that you can use when developing a partnership.  You will then submit the proposal by clicking on the google document below.  If you have any questions during this process, feel free to contact the Metro United Office and we will be glad to help you.  (913) 403-0770

Sponsor Potential Benefits:

  1. Signage at specific team’s games.  During sponsored team games, the team has the right to provide signage to TEAM UP partner.  All signage will be removed once game has concluded. 
  2. Post Tournament Picture.  Following tournament play, a team picture with sponsor signage will be taken and placed on Club Facebook page. (pending club approval)
  3. Website Listing.  All TEAM UP sponsors will be listed on the TEAM UP page on the Metro United/Fusion website. 
  4. Email Marketing. Opportunity for one (1) email per season (fall, spring) listing all TEAM UP partners and their association to the specific Fusion team.
  5. Sponsor Plaque.  A thank you sponsor plaque with the team picture and sponsor logo for presentation at business location.  A digital copy of picture will also be available.   

Fusion Team Benefits:

  1. Tournament Fees.  Based on the sponsor benefits, single or multiple tournament entry fees can be included. 
  2. Training Field Fees.  Based on the sponsor benefits, a portion of, or the entire training field fee can be included. 
  3. Indoor Season.  Based on the sponsor benefits, winter indoor season(s) can be included.  
  4. Cash Donation for Team Expenses. Based on the sponsor benefits, a donation for use of team expenses can be include.  Donation and benefits are to be agreed upon by the team and the sponsor and approved by the club.     


Remember we are here to help you through this new process.  Call us at (913) 403-0770.