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Thank you to the MUSC Community for all the Soccer Balls-

Dear Metro United,

Thank you so much for the generous donation of soccer balls you gave to Michelle Pool for the Honduras Hope 2014 mission team to give away in Honduras.   Honduras is a very beautiful but extremely poor country.  It has little infrastructure, a corrupt government, gang and drug problems, few jobs, poor accessibility to medical care and very little hope for most people to better their circumstances.  Soccer, or futbol as they call it in spanish, is a much-needed source of entertainment and escape for the people of Honduras.  
Hondurans LOVE their soccer!  This is the only sport I saw being played or being used in advertisements.  (I did see one basketball court but there were no nets and makeshift soccer goals had been set up under the hoops.)  I saw kids and adults playing soccer in front of their homes, saw people walking down the road carrying a ball and saw many ruined soccer balls lying about.  

The part of Honduras that we were in is tough on soccer balls because it has extremely steep, rocky terrain that is peppered with thorn bushes.  On our first evening in Honduras we visited an orphanage.  We were barely out of the car before children grabbed us by the hands and pulled us into an enclosure to play soccer.  About ten minutes into the game a wild kick sent the ball over a roof and down into a heavily grown over ravine.  The ball could not be retrieved.  Fortunately, due to your donation, we could replace the lost ball!  

Our mission team built five homes.  (The homes were 18x18 rough wooden structures with no electricity or plumbing.)  We gave each of the new homeowners a Metro United soccer ball as part of a housewarming gift and gave balls away to many other children in these neighborhoods.  The balls always brought huge smiles to these families and children!  (See attached picture of two brothers and their new soccer ball.)

We also gave balls away at a school for blind children.  They love to play soccer too!  Some of the students can see a little bit but they primarily know where to kick by listening to the ball bounce or roll across the cement. (See attached picture.)

Perhaps the most rewarding ball give away was at the city dump.  There are hundreds of men, women and some children that "work" and sometimes live in the dump.  They spend their days scavenging through the raw garbage looking for things they can use themselves, trade, or recycle for money.  Alongside the people in the dump are hundreds of dogs and cattle eating what they can find and thousands of big, black buzzards.  While our team was handing out food and water, one of our members brought out a ball and started kicking it around with one of the dump workers.  Within just a few minutes a circle of about 30 dump workers and volunteers had formed to kick the ball around. It was amazing to see how this one ball could bring people from such different worlds, most of whom could not speak each other's language, together. There was much laughing, friendly competition and joy in an otherwise joyless place!  I've attached a picture of the soccer circle at the dump.  In addition, here is a link to a video taken a few years ago that gives some idea of what this place is like, although there is no way to describe the smell.

I hope this long message has helped you understand just how important your donation was to the wonderful, beautiful people of Honduras!  Thank you!

Carla Sakmar
Honduras Hope 2014 Team Member